Man of Honor

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Within the next three months, one of my best and shiniest girlfriends is going to accept a marriage proposal from her kind-hearted and honest boyfriend.  There have been a handful of frogs along the way: frogs that looked like princes, or dressed like princes, or used fancy prince-sounding words when they spoke.  However, up until now, up until Tommy, I knew Gabi was merely treading water in scummy ponds, going through the motions, hanging out with frogs and learning about what she deserved in a prince.

I don’t know if I’ll be Gabi’s Man of Honor or if I’ll be asked to give a speech or a toast, I don’t know if I’ll sing a song and dedicate it to Gabi & Tommy and get all teary-eyed and only make it halfway through. I don’t know how any of the details will be placed into the sands of their times, but I want to be there, and I want to give myself as much as I can.  Enter, the one stop online resource for all things hip, thoughtful, and on trend for weddings in the now and of the future.



The first time Gabi and I met was at a mutual friend’s house party.  She playfully sat on my lap and we realized despite our notable height difference, that we wore the same size in clothes.  We snuck into a bedroom, swapped outfits, and snaked our way back out into the fete, me a 6ft tall bearded dude in an emerald green bodycon dress, and Gabi in my signature dark denim, flannel, and beat up boots.  From the beginning of our friendship, we’ve always marched to a strange beat, our motto, “We’re completely normal!” while brimming with over-zealous grins for the other. is the exact tool a guy like me needs!  At, they update with new, original content multiple times a week.  Everything from inspiration and ideas for dresses, party favors, décor, and the gamut, to showcasing real-life ceremonies from around the world.  Being a dude who never considered marriage as a possibility for himself, is my lifesaver in the sea of all that is impending wedding for Gabi, and her Tommy.

I may not know too much about weddings yet, but is going to school me in all things love, fairy tale, and forever.



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