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ANALOG: "When getting started on a new piece, what inspires your creation?"

CHAD: "Inspiration isn't really a direct thing.  I am inspired by everything I've ever seen or done that is awesome I suppose.  The best things that I make happen when I'm fiddling around and not thinking.  My mind is always too active, but when I make art I don't think.  It's the same when I'm on my bike, i just move forward and react.  Its meditative."

ANALOG: "What separates your pieces from mass produced art you can get anywhere?"

CHAD: "I make everything myself by hand, so even the things that I make that are editions or multiples take a lot of time.  I couldn't produce enough inventory to be available everywhere- ha.  I also use a lot of natural materials and and respond to them in my process."

ANALOG: "Is there a step by step process to these creations?"

CHAD: "The things I make happen really slowly.  I sit with everything i make for a long time.  While making the bottle sculptures with string,  I glue each string on one by one, take a step back, think about it, see how it feels.  Then the next string.  The sewn pieces are the same way, sew a bit, lay it out, take a look, turn it, take another look, sew the next piece.  It works better when I'm drinking coffee and worse when I’m drinking beer."

ANALOG: "In other interviews, you mention "positive energy" being focused into your work. Can you explain this more to us?"

CHAD: "For the pieces I make with crystals, I always do a “ritual” I learned from a hippy friend of mine where I cleanse the stones and charge them up with good vibes.  I soak them in saltwater for a week then wash them off while thinking about all of my favorite things and the people and places that I love.  I have instructions with I sell them on how to charge them up again once you take them home.  This includes a disclaimer saying that I don't know if it actually works but it's worth a try.  I mostly want to just make beautiful things but if i can bring good energy into the world I aught to, right?"

ANALOG: "I know you just relocated to Detroit, do you find the new city inspiring?"

CHAD: "Yes, absolutely.  Detroit has seriously beautiful architecture.  The Detroit Institute of Arts is such a rad museum- such cool deco stuff.  Ive met a lot of cool people here.  Detroit isn't particularly an easy city so the folks who are making it work here have are all ready for an uphill battle.  That is an exciting population to be a part of."

ANALOG: "What were you doing before Detroit?"

CHAD: "I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and then was in New York for nine years.  Now I’m in the middle."

ANALOG: "Do you have a certain signature that you incorporate into your pieces?"

CHAD: "I always just try and make everything awesome.  I want to make objects that I want to be around.  I make a lot of different things so its hard to say this or that  is my signature.  But i hope that when you hang out around something I make it's like hanging out with me at my best."

ANALOG: "What's next for you?"

CHAD: "I’m working on a line of jewelry that will be like a wearable version of the crystal bottle sculptures that I make.  I've also been developing a series of lighting.  It's been fun and thinking about styling interior spaces.  Both jewelry and lighting will be available before the holidays- check in on my website if you are interested."

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