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Anila Quayyum Agha - Intersections

Premiered at the Artprize event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Intersections by Pakistani-artist Anila Quayyum Agha is a beautiful and simple large-scale installation. Agha created an intricate pattern taking inspiration from the geometrical shapes and designs found in many Islamic sacred spaces. She then crafted a 6.5ft wooden cube cut out with the pattern.

From the center of the piece a single bulb illuminates the work, casting delicate ethereal shadows onto every surrounding surface. Having the piece suspended in the middle of the room creates an eerie appearance despite its stunning shadows.

The influence of Islamic culture is apparent in this piece with even the wooden cube looking reminiscent to the famous pilgrimage site of Mecca. However, the name Intersections comes from her interest with the famous Alahambra, viewing it as a perfect mix of European and Islamic culture.

“For me the familiarity of the space visited at the Alhambra palace and the memories of another time and place from my past, coalesced in creating this project” says the artist. Agha won both the public and juried vote for the 2014 Artprize, which wrapped up on October 12th.

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