To everyone who had faith in a novel idea. To the internet for it's power to connect people and ideas. To the amazing 716 Kickstarter backers without whom we wouldn't be here today. To the friends and family that have helped along the way. To The Corzo Center for The Creative Economy for giving some grant money early on. 


To whoever is reading this - thank you for taking part in this journey. 

This has been a very humbling experience and we are eager and excited to continue to grow.


A special thanks to the folks who contributed to our campaign and opted out of a watch.  Ashley Ewing, Benjamin Ramos, Catherine Griffin, Deming King HarrimanEliot Klein, Elise Jackman, Ian Rosenberger of the amazing Thread InternationalJ M Daley, Kevin Greenland, Melissa KlotzPatricia FerriSass Brown of Eco Fashion TalkVilma Nevarez, William Schaecher