This is just a selection of some of the media outlets that have covered us.

This is just a selection of some of the media outlets that have covered us.

We appreciate and love it when writers have their own unique spin on our products and collections. To help, we've created a brief summary of our product and brand below. You can also reach out by writing to info@analogwatchco.com.

Presenting The Carpenter Collection: Minimalist Wooden Watches by Analog Watch Co.

" We've transformed wood as a material. "

Subheading: This is a series of minimal and eco-friendly wooden watches for design-oriented people who appreciate simple, beautiful things that stand out from the crowd.

Summary: Analog Watch Co. believes that you should never waste an opportunity to express yourself. We believe in taking the objects that pass through our lives without attracting much attention and making them stand out. Our products use unconventional materials that recall the effortless beauty and timelessness of nature, and our simple, strong, and minimalist products are designed to showcase the authentic perfection of the raw materials. The Carpenter Collection is a sophisticated, lightweight product that is much more than a watch-- it’s a piece of art; a tiny sculpture on your wrist, and a little piece of nature that you can always carry with you.

The Problem We See: Most watches are clunky and made of plastics and harsh metals. It’s hard to find a wooden watch that doesn’t contain wooden links or is cluttered with markings and branding. There are plenty more that are just poorly designed. We knew we could do better.

How We Solve Through Design: Our work is minimal, uncluttered, and iconic in design with clean lines, a unique texture, and is eco-friendly to boot. We are dedicated to exploring new ways of considering materials. We stand by our product and our commitment to nature: our partnership with Trees for The Future, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, ensures that a portion of our profits for each watch purchased will result in the planting of a tree. Not only that, but our design is 80% biodegradable.


“We intend to curate different products using natural and raw materials. The Carpenter Collection is only the beginning. Wooden watches already exist - but they copy metal and alloy designs. We want to redefine how wood can be used.” - Founder, Lorenzo Buffa


“I was interested in watch designs that were not bulky and were somewhat minimalist in nature. I found yours and fell in love with the simplicity, and the soft deep grain of the wood is really attractive. I love your mission and story too. - Customer Anna Hartwick


How to Find Us: You can shop our store at www.analogwatchco.com. To follow the progress and behind the scenes work involved in design, be sure to follow our blog, FacebookInstagram, and Tumblr to see what we're doing behind the scenes.


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If you’d like more information about The Carpenter Collection and Analog Watch Co., or to schedule an interview with Lorenzo please, email info@analogwatchco.com. You can also give us a ring at 484-904-8008


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