Analog Watch Co's Mason Watch is the world's first stone watch with a solid body and face made of real marble. For nature and art-lovers everywhere, the Mason Watch is a fresh take on an old idea -- a functional marble sculpture for your wrist.

Following the success of The Carpenter Watch (MoMA Best Seller + worlds flexible wood band watch) Analogs new design has been built with premium quality components for those who appreciate design and nature. In using genuine marble combined with a Swiss Made movement, Analog aims to differentiate themselves from the existing watch industry by elevating the materiality and experience of watches.

The core concept is to show off the one-of-a-kind natural beauty of stone.  Each watch comes with a premium top grain leather strap hand crafted by our Amish leathersmith partners in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

Analog was started when an art school college grad found himself out of work and literally, cleaning toilets. Designer Lorenzo Buffa took to Kickstarter in 2013 to launch his first collection raising 75k in funding. Analog now has a studio and showroom in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and sells watches worldwide.



  • Even the most unique watches today are, at best, variations on an old idea: metal or alloy bodies, low quality parts, obtrusive logos, and imitation leather straps. Rather than a metal body, we've produced a watch unlike any currently on the market.
  • We are interested in new methods and techniques - so thus design pieces through the lens of innovation.
  • The Mason Watch body is precision cut from solid marble and has taken over a year to develop.
  • Premium components are inside and out - From the Swiss Made movement, to genuine marble, to our hand crafted straps.
  • The decision to not add a logo to the face is to protect the conceptual spirit of the design.
  • Our goal is to reinterpret the watch as an accessory. We want to make timepieces that aren't expensive status symbols, or thinly veiled advertisements for luxury brands. We want watches to be little pieces of art that remind the wearer of nature, and help one self express to the world a bit of your personality.
  • Will retail for $399, but is available on pre-order through Kickstarter here for $165
  • The hexagon shape is inspired by forms found in nature such as pineapples, snowflakes, and honeycomb.
  • URL:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/analogwatchco/the-mason-watch-an-innovative-solid-marble-timepie
  • Became a Kickstarter Staff Pick within 1 hour of going live! Goal expected to be hit quickly


Founder Bio & QUOTES: 

Growing up in the rolling hills of eastern Pennsylvania, Lorenzo Buffa was surrounded by nature from an early age. This influence is apparent in his work today, which is firmly rooted in organic forms and natural materials. With a background in Art and Industrial Design, he aims to elevate the conventional wrist watch into a form of wearable art.

In 2013 he launched Analog Watch Co. in Philadelphia, a sustainably-minded design studio with the aim of bringing the minimal elegance of nature into daily life. Analog has committed to planting a tree for every wood watch sold and has longer term goals to partnering with other organizations specific to each collections material.

As a designer, Buffa seeks to merge the worlds of conceptual design with the practicality of real products that reach a broad audience. His work is sold online, in the MoMA Design Store, and through museums and boutiques worldwide.


" To stay close to nature is a part of our instinctual being. When it comes to creating, I can't help but to turn to natural materials first "

" As an artist and entrepreneur, it's my goal to DIFFERENTIATE OURSELVES BY merging new ways of thinking with new methods and processes. "





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