Top 3 Reasons to Wear a Watch | Reason #3: It's time to grow up and stop being rude


REASON #3: It's time to grow up and stop being rude. It's rude and distracting to be constantly taking out your smart phone to check in on the time, duh. The solution is a watch.

Perhaps to some degree, it is becoming more socially acceptable, to whip out your cell phone mid conversation. Sure - everyone knows we are in a connected world and we get that you absolutely have to check that email, but really - wearing a watch lets you give the phone a rest and allows you to present yourself in a focused and composed way.

According to The International Digital Times, data shows users unlock smartphones 110 times per day. It makes you wonder how often you touch your phone just to see the hour. You can probably imagine how we feel about this oncoming wave of "smart" watches!

On your employers or a clients time, this sort of behavior is more than a sign of disrespect but also an indication as to how focused you are. How much attention are you putting into that important conversation or meeting if you have to visually stop the chatter by reaching for your phone? What does this say about how you perform tasks?

On your own time, this behavior has a tendency to become habitual. The checking of the time turns into the checking of email and weather. It's a distraction rabbit hole. Don't you want to keep yourself in check and improve yourself by making those little changes that over time have big impact?

It's time for those of us who grew up with gadgets to grow up and give our fullest attention to those we interact with daily. Wearing a watch is not only convenient and doesn't need to be charged, but it can also contribute to your overall professional and attentive demeanor.

FUN FACT: The word "time" is written 11 times in this posting.